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The Black Dog


The Black Dog  - A Podcast Audio Play in one episode


The first in a series of our Audio Dramas with a strange twist. In the tradition of Charles Dickens and M R James, The Black Dog is a supernatural, chilling, winter tale.
Written by Clive Stubbings.

Sound design and music by Adam P McCready.


Episode 1 - The Black Dog

Premieres 24th December 2022 on a Podcast Platform of your choice.

Two old men sit in a public house before the embers of wood fire. As the evening passes, Mr Dawkins' haunting tale unfolds to Mr Purkiss.


Cast List:

Kenneth Alan Taylor - Mr Dawkins

Nick Cornwall - Mr Purkiss

Edward Little - Storyteller


Creative Team:

Written by Clive Stubbings

Adam P McCready - Sound Design and Composition

Michaela Betts - Additional Composition

Kenneth Alan Taylor - Director

Rebecca Little - Director and Producer

Helena Leonard - Producer


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