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Three theatrical pros who are old friends, having a good old ramble on about all the things we love within the entertainment industry and our passions to do with theatre, television and film.


Sitting in our individual homes dotted around the UK with a nice drink, chatting from our armchair ‘virtual pubs’. We will definitely go off topic but somehow, it will have a theatrical connection! You name it, we’ll natter about it. Not because we’re experts about any of these things but just because we love ‘em!


The, For the love of... Podcast, coming soon with Becky, Darren and Jez!

Episode 1 - For The Love Of...Podcast Trailer

Trailer for our forthcoming Podcast series, For The Love Of...Podcast. With Becky, Darren and Jez!


Episode 2 - For The Love Of...Pantomime

Join Becky, Darren and Jez as they talk together and with special guests, about their shared love of Pantomime. Coming soon!