From Sad Shires 

By Clive Stubbings


Harry Harmes and Maisie Merman fall in love in the East End of London in 1914 and marry. Then Harry takes the King's shilling to go off to war.


Our first Podcast Audio Drama to mark the centenary of the burial of the Unknown Warrior at Westminster Abbey.


Recorded remotely during Covid-19 restrictions.

Our first audio drama available as a Podcast.

Premieres 11th November 2020.

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Cast List. Performed, in alphabetical order by:

Michelle Grant - Elsie Merman, Mrs Merman

Darren Johnson - Mr Merman, Comedian 2, Officer 2, Sergeant

Joseph Johnson - Boy newspaper seller

Helena Leonard - Soprano vocalist

Edward Little - Wilfred Owen

Rebecca Little - Maisie Merman

Carl Penlington-Williams - Pianist

Adam Pettigrew - Jack Davey

Joshua Sklar - Harry Harmes

Darren Southworth - Maurice Hankey

Jeremy Stroughair - Comedian 1, Officer 1, Soldier 2


Additional parts played by members of the company.


All songs and music performed and played by members of the company.


Claire Storey - Credits 


Creative Team:

Written by Clive Stubbings

Adam P McCready - Sound Design and Composition

Rebecca Little - Director